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Of al the 10x10 chess variants there are we are now testing Howell's Chess. And what a nice variants of chess 10x10 there are.  Read more on the ChessVariantsBlog!

Final Score Howell's Chess

Khan vsSubedei

5½- 4½


Final Score Big Board Chess

Khan vsSubedei

4½ - 5½

Final Score Khan Chess Perdeli

Khan vsSubedei

 8 - 2

Next one to check is Roman Chess





10x10 Chess variants for a 10x10 chess board

List of Chess Variants 10x10 for the chess 10x10 board


Khan Grand Chess - "Yasak" - Forbidden

Khan Grand Chess - "Yasak" - Forbiddenchess variants 10x10

Big Board Chess

Big Board Chess10x10 chess variants

Khan Grand Chess - "Serbest" - Allowed

Khan Grand Chess - "Serbest" - AllowedKhan Grand Chess - Serbest - Allowed

Howell's Chess

Howell's ChessHowell's Chess

Khan Grand Chess - "Perdeli" - With Curtain

Khan Grand Chess - "Perdeli" - With CurtainKhan Grand Chess - Perdeli - With Curtain

Buzco's Chess

Buzco's ChessBuzco's chess variant

Capablanca Chess

Capablanca ChessCapablanca chess variant

Cheshire Cat Chess

Cheshire Cat ChessCheshire Cat Chess variant

Ciccolini's Chess

Ciccolini's ChessCiccolini's Chess

Enlarged and Improved Chess

Enlarged and Improved ChessEnlarged and Improved Chess

Grand Chess

Grand ChessGrand Chess

Indian/Turkish Grand Chess

Indian/Turkish Grand ChessIndian/Turkish Grand Chess

Khan Grand Chess - "Perdesiz" - Without Curtain

Khan Grand Chess - "Perdesiz"Khan Grand Chess - Perdesiz

Mexican Chess

Mexican ChessMexican Chess

New York Twins Chess I

New York Twins Chess INew York Twins Chess I

New York Twins Chess II

New York Twins Chess IINew York Twins Chess II

Roman Chess

Roman Chesschess 10x10 board

Tweedle Chess a.k.a. Twin Orthodox Chess

Tweedle Chess10x10 chess board

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