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Welcome to the blog of Mehmet "The Khan" Özdemir and David "Subedei" Smits. W're going to test, play and play again chess variants for the 10x10 chess board. Every month playing a new chess variant. These Chess variants we find by means of Googling the internet. And after playing we review.

Playing Big Board Chess the very first time. Almost like a virgin....(song of Madonna)

First time played: Saturday 16-11-2013

My usual opponent David didn't know that I was going to invite him too play Big Board Chess. Saturday is our chess evening. Usually we play KhanChess (A Yasak or a Serbest) I told him tonight we play Big Board Chess. He agreed to play.

The chess pieces

This chess variant requires a lot of conventional exra pieces. But I had allreay bougth 2 extra cases of classic chess pieces. We got the pieces we needed and started out. I got white and David black. After the initial set up phase our first impression of the chess board was "Gosh it is crowded".

Than you start playing. Pieces die quickly. Kings are slowly getting pressure on them. But than the fireworks start. And the fireworks is with in the pawns. They can advance two or one steps. I lost two queens during the game and with thanks to my lovely pawns gained two back at the very end of the game. First one gained checked David's king and the second one I gained was able to quick check mate my opponent. Breaking point in the game!

But I have to be honest. Just one minor slip from was a quick dead for me. But that didn't happen

Maybe Next Time!

Saturday 23-11-2013: played it two times. Lost two times!!

In the first game my set up didn't go that well. That broke me eventually. Couldn't deploy a lot of pieces. In the second game my set up was better. But after loosing the queens David the silent killer came and destroyed me.

Saturday 14-12-2013: played it two times. Lost once and a draw the other game!!

I lost the first game. It was an hopeless game from my side. The second game this evening went on for hours and ended in a draw. I and David play chess for years. Never really never we had a draw. This was the first time. Very very strange. We start playing chess variants and we have a draw. The beautiful thing about Big Board Chess is not 5 horses, it is not 4 bishops, it is not 3 rooks. The beautiful thing about this game: definitely the two queens! Which king does'nt want two queens ;)

The next Saturday, probably somewhere around New Years Eve, a five rounds Rapid Tempo. Than we have played it ten times an we give it a thumbs up logo.

Big Board Chess played Rapid Tempo

Both players half an hour and five games to play

Khan versus Subedei  playing five games of BBC (not the British Broadcasting Corporation but Big Board Chess). We were both excited to play five games of BBC in one night. We succeeded. All five games I (The Khan) played with black and the Subedei played with the white pieces.

Khan 3 – 2 Subedei.

Usually I’m the better Rapid Tempo player. And according to the score I was. But it was close.

First Game

Subedei Checkmates the Khan. He hunted me down and succeeded to kill me in the given time. Subedei used 28 minutes to finish me of.

Second Game

Subedei  strikes again and finishes me of for a second time.

Third Game

Subedei  the hunter has used all of its time and looses the game. Time was the killing factor. Khan wins but it was a close one.

Fourth Game

Subedei has used all of its time. But the pressure on the battlefield was two ways. We shall never know how it ended. Khan wins again. At this point 2- 2.

Fifth Game

Khan checkmates the Subedei. The Subedei wasn’t even wary of it. 3 – 2. Khan wins the Rapid version of BBC. But when added this score to the previous score of 1.5 – 3.5 it has to be said that the Subedei wins with. 4.5 to 5.5. Well done Subedei.

Conclusion for BBC rapid tempo.

It’s fun. You have to hurry up your placing and you have to hurry up your moving. Again the pawns are nasty because when they are placed on line 5 from either perspective they are able to jump very fast forward. Nasty. The real fireworks is with the two queens when they are in the position to freely move because in the beginning of the game it is really crowded.

Half an our for each player is enough. But I think 35 or 40 minutes each player is better.

This chess variant is nice to play. After I have played all the other 10x10 chess variants this one will be played again.

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