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Welcome to the blog of Mehmet "The Khan" Özdemir and David "Subedei" Smits. W're going to test, play and play again chess variants for the 10x10 chess board. Every month playing a new chess variant. These Chess variants we find by means of Googling the internet. And after playing we review.

Chess Games: Howell's Chess

A resemblance of classic chess but than 10x10

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Our playing format is five times without a time limit and five times Rapid Tempo. Both players get an half hour.

We have started to play Howell's chess on Saturday 18-01-2014. The setup and pieces are equal to the classic chess set up. Only centered due to the fact that we play 10x10. We both did not know what we could expect from this chess variant. Just go with the flow. Subedei both games was white and me the Khan played with black. Both games I started stronger but still gave both games a way.

One I lost and one we drawed. It is incredible that we had a draw again. I liked Howell's chess these two games. The game changer for this chess variant are the towers. Their stronger than usual. You can deploy them earlier than in classic chess. We still have to play it 8 times.

24-03-2014 We have finally played the game to the full ten times. The Final score is 5,5 for the Khan and 4,5 for the Subedei. Finishing this game took a little bit longer due to a Holiday of the Subedei.

How did it go? Playing wihtout time was amusing but that also counts for playing with time. This chess variant is a nice one. Really play it. You think it is classic chess on an 8x8 board but then you see that it is a totally different variant. The gameplay is different. Only the fact that the rooks can come out and play from the start makes them game changer.

Without time David had the upperhand. Without time it was good old Mehmet that did the job.

We both give this chess variant four stars.





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