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Welcome to the blog of Mehmet "The Khan" Özdemir and David "Subedei" Smits. W're going to test, play and play again chess variants for the 10x10 chess board. Every month playing a new chess variant. These Chess variants we find by means of Googling the internet. And after playing we review.

Chess Games: The Serbest - "Allowed"

Total Freedom

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Your King is the most dangerous piece on the chess board. I would even claim that it is the most feared piece even when it is not on the board. Feel the power of the great Khan's. Be like a Julius Ceasar.

The Serbest and Yasak are maybe the most addictive chess variants that are invented. I feel sorry for my self that I have set myself to test the other 10x10 variants. Well I always can hope that they are at least that enjoying to.

The Serbest is David's favorite. Mines is the Yasak. Where the serbest is action, reaction. The yasak has an delayed action-reaction. On the 8x8 chess board we succeeded to beat it each other of preventing a KingsLanding. You totally humuliate your opponent when succeeding in preventing a Kings Landing.

This immediate response and freedom to use any piece to your availibility is unique in chess. The heat is immediately on. Who's going to put his king first. Most of the times the person with a first Kings Landing is taking risks. But victory is lurking if you place first. BUT!! You risk being a prey if you calculated wrong. So be sure you can become Khan.

The KingsLanding is standard on the 7th line from you own perspective. A KingsLanding is the most interesting aspect of KhanChess. You and you opponent are continued worried about when and where to place your King. But you are also worried about preventing your opponent from getting his Khan promotion.

I think David and I have played the serbest maybe over a 100 times. Just like the Yasak it's an addicting chess variant. So be warned. When you play the Khan wants to stay.

The big difference

Biggest difference compared to classic chess is the total freedom of placing your pieces on places you would like them to be. Secondly is the power of the pawns (including Subedeis). The fact of pawns going to the left, right or backwards all the time can be a little confusing to classic chess players. The Subedeis can even defend backwards. Third major difference is that the king can decide the game. Veni vidi vici Khan.

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