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Welcome to the blog of Mehmet "The Khan" Özdemir and David "Subedei" Smits. W're going to test, play and play again chess variants for the 10x10 chess board. Every month playing a new chess variant. These Chess variants we find by means of Googling the internet. And after playing we review.

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Chess Games 10x10: The Yasak - "Forbidden"

The chess variants that we're testing are allready "known" to you. You can find them on the internet as well on this website.

David and I have tested the KhanChess variants "yasak" and "serbest" for more than a year. We're addicted to it. The addiction goes that far that we have taken it to the 8x8 chessboard. (you can read more on

KhanChess chessgames are the games where you win by directing you King to the last line. When he arrives there in a non checked postion you win the game. It's "veni vidi vici Khan".

The "Yasak" doesn't need additional chess pieces. Get four hairbands (two for white and two for black) and it can be played. If you have read how to play it than you can proceed reading.

When you first start of with the "Yasak" you feel helpless. You just don't know how to put your pieces and you don't know what the consequences are going to be. In turns the pieces are placed and freeze where they are placed. (there's no specific order for placing pieces except for the king).

Your King can get in that kind of situations that placing him on the chessboard is going to be that difficult that it will absorb your time. On the 8x8 board we have succeeded to prevent war. (The king of the opponent couldn't be placed anymore). KhanChess on an 8x8 board is claustrofobic. On the 10x10 chessboard it is probably impossible to prevent placing a king on the board.

The KingsLanding is with the Yasak standard on Line 6 from your own perspective. This is narrow. When you and your opponent are placing to much on one half of the chessboard you are asking for troubles. If you and your opponent decide to do different that can be allowed but only in afront and mutual agreement. A KingsLanding on 7,8,9 and even 10 is possibly. Placing of the pieces really differ than. Every time total different situations with the same game.

The "yasak" and even the "serbest" creates power vacuums on the chessboard. Most parts of the chessboard do have chesspieces on them but can not be deployed. You and your opponent have other worries. Not being checkmated or preventing a Khan. This feeling is unique in playing chess.

The Difference with classic Chess

It's the pawns and the King. The fact that you can win a game with your King makes this piece the most dangerous piece on the board. With every line closer to the last line your King's powers increase on a logarithmic scale. Due to the fact that in the yasak and serbest your pieces directly intermingle with the pieces of the opponent you get really odd situations. All you pawns come in handy. They block. The put fire on the enemy and their ability to go all directions except diagonal makes them real bastards. You pawns are able to constantly vork you opponent. And two of your pawns are even able to capture backwards.

David and I are playing these variants for over a year and still learning. In fact we are that addicted that we don't want to play other chess variants. But hey what's the use of a chess10x10 variants blog of you stick whith just one or two variants. So I hope that after reading this you will pick up the Yasak or Serbest. We in the meantime will be testing the other variants.

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