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Welcome to the blog of Mehmet "The Khan" Özdemir and David "Subedei" Smits. W're going to test, play and play again chess variants for the 10x10 chess board. Every month playing a new chess variant. These Chess variants we find by means of Googling the internet. And after playing we review.

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KhanChess "Yasak" Forbidden

Chess Blog: The Yasak Well I invented the Yasak, and now I'm reviewing it. That's not totally fair off course. But judging how I got David addicted to it, it has to be a five thumbs up. This chess variant has the capacity to let you brain CRASH. Be warned!

KhanChess "Serbest" Allowed

Chess Blog: The Serbest Well I invented the Serbest too, and now I'm reviewing it and again. That's not totally fair off course again. But judging how I got David even more addicted to this one, it also has to be a five thumbs up. Start playing and see it for your self. Immediate interiaction.

Big Board Chess: A nice placing chess variant

Chess Blog: Big Board Chess David and I have played it five times. Starting to love it playing these 10x10 placing chess more...

Howell's Chess: It's classic chess 10x10. Watch the Rooks

Chess Blog: Howell's Chess It's classic chess on a ten by ten chess board. Really watch out for the rooks. Kill them or be strangled by them

Khan Chess Perdeli: Don't loose time.

Chess Blog: Perdeli It's khan chess combined with stratego.

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